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The story of the JB Jig has been almost a decade in the making. Justin started creating his entrepreneurial vision back in 2013, and as with any success, it also comes with a few fails. It first began with the purchase of a plasma machine. We had scored a deal to make and supply screw anchors to a large company in Alberta, but unfortunately this deal fell through shortly after when the recession hit. From here we decided to put the machine to use, designing and creating metal signs and small metal projects. This was a popular business, but unfortunately the MANY hours spent on the design  work were not paying off. Looking for a way to make additional income, while still using the plasma machine, Justin decided to start making the 5-piece 90 roller sets, to sell. But the sets were not a popular sell. He thought that creating something in one piece versus 5 pieces would be what welders were looking for. With a one-piece tool it would be compact, less bulky in the welding truck, less expensive and more efficient. He spent the next few years trying to find a way to make the 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”,and 8” elbows be able to properly spin, balance and fit as one tool. Something almost everyone told us was impossible. After coming home from work at his full-time job, he spent hours in the evenings; cutting, testing, adjusting, and redesigning to perfect the tool. At one point giving up on it completely for a full year. Finally, he went back and tried again, this time getting the design to finally work. We decided to take a risk and immediately patent the product and bring it to market, hoping for it to become successful. From there we used word of mouth and Facebook to get the word out and create sales. I, Brittney, handle the books, emails, helping with sales and marketing and we expanded to developing a website to sell online more easily. Our son, 12 years old at the time, came up with the name for our product, the “JB Jig”. Each different roller design was tested and each time a better more improved version was created until we got the final product. This was made possible with the help, advice & tips from our welder cousin, Brad, as well as countless hours of grinding, welding, and help our biggest supporter Dad, John. We've come a long way from hand building each roller. This process took about 2 hours from start to finish to complete one, with cutting the parts, welding, grinding & painting. This soon became unsustainable when trying to complete large orders for our stores! Fast forward to now: with the assistance of Steve, he worked to create the drawings of the JB Jig that were able to help us develop a perfected machined mold. We saved every penny from our sales to buy our first large batch and have sold out in just 2 months! We ship out a JB Jig nearly every single day. We have gained 7 stores that sell the JB Jig as retailers, 5 stores in Alberta, 1 in Saskatchewan, & 1 in Texas, and a few more in the works! We supply to welding crews and companies. We have sold the JB Jig across Canada & the US, as well as internationally, even as far as Australia! We’ve made new friends, received great feedback & compliments, and proved a few haters wrong along the way. Our success would not be possible without the help of our family, our customers, and the loyalty from our stores. So, THANK YOU! Justin & Brittney Wiest JB Metal Works


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